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yona-belfort-video Stuffed Yona Belfort, 2013 View talk »
serena-galleshaw-video-2 Serena Galleshaw Serena Galleshaw, 2013 View talk »
nancy-andrews-video-2 After the ICU Nancy Andrews, 2013 View talk »
mohamed-nur-video-2 Mohamed Nur Mohamed Nur, 2013 View talk »
liz-neely-video-2 Inventing Fabulation Liz Neely, 2013 View talk »
eli-mellen-video-2 Open Source Community Development Eli Mellen, 2013 View talk »
The_Soul_of_Rhythm__Bianca_Abdalla_at_TEDxDirigo_Generate_-_YouTube The Soul of Rhythm Bianca Adballa, 2013 View talk »
graham-morehead-video-2 Save the Urchin Fishery With This One Weird Trick! Graham Morehead, 2013 View talk »
gkisedtanamoogk-video-2 Introduction to the Maine-Wabanaki gkisedtanamoogk, 2013 View talk »
apparatus-dance-video The Weightless Moment Apparatus Dance, 2013 View talk »
rafael-grossman-video OK Glass: Disrupt Healthcare Rafael Grossman, 2013 View talk »
chas-lester-video Embrace the Joy Chas Lester, 2013 View talk »
maina-handmaker-video-3 Maina Handmaker Maina Handmaker, 2013 View talk »
jen-ryan-video The Maker Mind Jen Ryan, 2013 View talk »
david-buchanan-video-2 Food Diversity Meets the Marketplace David Buchanan, 2013 View talk »
alicia-eggert-video-2 Making Art is Like Speaking in Tongues Alicia Eggert, 2013 View talk »
john-coleman-video-2 The Alchemy of Optimism John Coleman, 2013 View talk »
voot-yin-video-2 Regeneration — Science Fiction or Reality Voot Yin, 2013 View talk »



Mike-Tetreault Restoring Economic and Environmental Prosperity Mike Tetreault, 2012 View talk »
Phuc-Tran Grammar, Identity, and the Dark Side of the Subjunctive Phuc Tran, 2012 View talk »
Seth-Silverton Navigating the River of Paradigm Shift Seth Silverton, 2012 View talk »
Rachel-Boggia Shadow Game Rachel Boggia, 2012 View talk »
Steven-Koltai World Peace Through Entrepreneurship Steven Koltai, 2012 View talk »
Stacy-Mitchell Why We Can’t Shop Our Way to a Better Economy Stacy Mitchell, 2012 View talk »
Eepybird The Viral Video Manifesto Eepybird, 2012 View talk »
Tracy-Gayton A Carless Rural Village Tracy Gayton, 2012 View talk »
Conor-Quinn Hacking Language Learning Dr. Conor Quinn, 2012 View talk »
Susan-MacKay A DNA Sized Solution for the Water Crisis Dr. Susan MacKay, 2012 View talk »
Eric-Agren The Tipping Point in Urban Renewal Eric Agren, 2012 View talk »
Fatuma-Hussein We Cannot Afford to Divide Ourselves Fatuma Hussein, 2012 View talk »
Tanja-Hollander Are You Really My Friend? Tanja Hollander, 2012 View talk »
Gabrielle-Russell Envisioning the Future of a Mill City Gabrielle Russell, 2012 View talk »
Don-Gooding The Innovation Village Don Gooding, 2012 View talk »
Anjali-Appadurai “Radical” Youth and Global Politics Anjali Appadurai, 2012 View talk »



conley-2012_03 The Power of Story Susan Conley, 2012 View talk »
minter-2012_03 Fish and Brooms: Art, Personal Icons, and Human Connection Daniel Minter, 2012 View talk »
alden-2012_03 Living With Fish: Doing It Right In Eastern Maine Robin Alden, 2012 View talk »
plourde-2012_03 Adding the Verb–Theatre, Education, and Activism Cathy Plourde, 2012 View talk »
cumming-2012_03 How to Love Even When You Want to Kill Bill Cumming, 2012 View talk »
swain-2012_03 Making Manual Labor Fun and Social Ned Swain, 2012 View talk »
rukin-2012_03 Wherever You Are Is An Entry Point Bonnie Rukin, 2012 View talk »
neptune-2012_03 Waponahki People: Understanding the Gift of Legacy and Lessons Learned Elizabeth Neptune, 2012 View talk »
mikel-2012_03 Taking Back Girl Power Lyn Mikel Brown, 2012 View talk »
broder-2012_03 Industrial Economy Infrastructure, Innovation Economy Future Josh Broder, 2012 View talk »
hirschmann-2012_03 Making Learning and Life Indistinguishable Claire Hirschmann View talk »
marshall-2012_03 Volunteer Your Way Around the World John Marshall, 2012 View talk »
happel-2012_03 Music and the Perception of Time Andy Happel, 2012 View talk »
pingree-2012_03 An Organic Farmer in the U.S. Congress Chellie Pingree. 2012 View talk »
dini-2012_03 Furfurnaan (Openness) Mohammed Dini, 2012 View talk »
diluzio-2012_03 7 Steps of Creative Thinking Raphael DiLuzio, 2012 View talk »


baird-principle-project The Principle Project Ryan Baird, 2011 View talk »
portland-playback Portland Playback – Improv Portland Playback, 2011 View talk »
stefanski_video_still Making Systems Thinking Sexy Eli Stefanski, 2011 View talk »
hoffman_video_still Forgiving the Unforgiveable Libby Hoffman, 2011 View talk »
thaler_video_still Immersion in the Unfamiliar: An Education Jeff Thaler, 2011 View talk »
hittle_video_still Jingles Every Day Jodie Hittle, 2011 View talk »
durdag_video_still The Three Stooges, The Monks and Me Kerem Durdag, 2011 View talk »
figures-of-speech_video_still The Puppet As Metaphoric Being Figures of Speech, 2011 View talk »
grossman_video_still iPod Teletrauma: the $229 130 million sq. ft. Trauma Room Rafael Grossmann, 2011 View talk »
doiron_video_still A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard Roger Doiron, 2011 View talk »
olas_video_still A Performance of Original Music and Dance Olas, 2011 View talk »
hemenway_video_still Making the Connection: Honeybees, Food, and You Christy Hemenway View talk »
lishness_video_still Indigenous Innovation: How Small Places can Change the World Alan Lishness, 2011 View talk »
dahlin_video_still At a Glimpse: Sounds and Images from a Year on Our Planet Emilia Dahlin, 2011 View talk »
mclellan_video_still Passion for Living and Compassion for Life Elizabeth McLellan, 2011 View talk »
dagher_video_still An Opportunity of a Generation: Deepwater Offshore Wind Habib Dagher, 2011 View talk »
rooks_video_still The Lost Art of Authenticating Real John Rooks, 2011 View talk »
wessler_video_still Speaking Up Against Hate Steve Wessler, 2011 View talk »


arnold It’s my job to save the world. It can be yours too. Peter Arnold, 2010 View talk »
lisa Breath as Inspiration Lisa Blake, 2010 View talk »
johnpaul You’re a lot more creative than you think you are John Paul Caponigro, 2010 View talk »
thatcher Pictography as a Tool for Social Change Thatcher Cook, 2010 View talk »
Josephson We all need to be neo-luddites Paul Josephson, 2010 View talk »
russel Beyond the ‘Roadrunner’ Economy Russell Libby, 2010 View talk »
lugg Hybrid Engines in Aerospace Richard Lugg, 2010 View talk »
mcclain Living a Life of Intention and Purpose David McLain, 2010 View talk »
perkins Century 21.0 – The Ocean Century Don Perkins, 2010 View talk »
piotti The Importance of Protecting Farmland John Piotti, 2010 View talk »
wolf Sage Qualities in Character Evolve Bountiful Quantities of Timely Change Gola Wolf Richards, 2010 View talk »
antonio Transitions in Eloquence Antonio Rocha, 2010 View talk »
zoe The World Becomes What You Teach Zoe Weil, 2010 View talk »