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TED2014 viewing party

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When November 3, 2013
Where Cabot Mill
14 Maine Street
Brunswick, Maine
Register Closed


To generate something is to bring it into existence. The things that we make, make us. Whether you generate conversation, ideas or products—these are the marks we leave on this world.
This fall, join us for GENERATE. Bring something into existence– and share it with the world.


TEDGlobal Viewing Party and TEDxDirigo Tryouts
A Live Viewing Party of TEDGlobal2013: Think Again, in conjunction with Speaker Tryouts for TEDxDirigo’s annual Fall event GENERATE, happening at the Cabot Mill in Brunswick.
Register to attend beginning May 1.

When October 20, 2012
Where Bates College
Lewiston Maine

TEDxDirigo: Villages

The origins of the modern world can be traced back to the villages of the ancient. Villages provided people with a chance to conduct a grand experiment: how to live together in a shared place. Over time our villages have expanded to the point where the struggle has become how to find a place in both the local and global simultaneously. On October 20, 2012, TEDxDirigo explored the evolving concept of Villages from a diversity of perspectives and fields—business, natural sciences, technology, art, and more. What are today’s villages and what role do they play in shaping our society? What have we learned after thousands of years living together, and what questions remain unresolved? Watch the talks here.

When June 27, 2012
10:00am – 8:30pm
Where Marsden Hartley Cultural Center
Lewiston Public Library
Lewiston Maine

TEDGlobal Viewing Party and TEDxDirigo Tryouts
A Live Viewing Party of TEDGlobal2012: Radical Openness, in conjunction with Speaker Tryouts for TEDxDirigo’s annual Fall event Villages, happening on the Bates College campus in Lewiston. Register to attend or tryout and see the event schedule here.

When May 19, 2012
Where Hannaford Hall
University of Southern Maine
Portland, Maine

TEDxDirigo: Engage
After our events we often hear a common question: What do we do now? Our answer: Engage. We have asked Jan Kearce, executive director of the Institute for Civic Leadership, to guest curate a very special spring event for Maine, TEDxDirigo: Engage. We will hear from a dynamic range of innovators from across Maine who have rolled up their sleeves and made a difference. They choose to Engage, converting their ideas and passion into action and impact. Come and explore how we can collectively and individually Engage to solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems in inspiring ways.

When February 29, 2012
Where Frontier
Brunswick, Maine

TEDxDirigo to Host Live Viewing of TED2012: Full Spectrum and Speaker Try Outs
A Live Viewing Party of TED2012: Full Spectrum, in conjunction with the first-ever Speaker Try Outs for a future TEDxDirigo event.

TEDxDirigo 2011 Event

When September 10, 2011
Where Portland Stage
Portland, Maine
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TEDxDirigo: Latitudes
Thanks to everyone who made TEDxDirigo: Latitudes an incredible success. All the talks are now available in the theater, so check them out! Stay tuned for more TEDxDirigo in 2012!


When Thursday
July 14, 2011
Where Frontier Cafe
14 Maine Street
Brunswick, Maine
Admission Free!

TEDGlobal Viewing Party
What is life? And how can it be better lived? From the secrets of the biological processes that take place in our body, to the cultural constructs that take place in our society; from the technologies and resources that make life possible and enjoyable, to the themes that define our humanity — or threaten it: TEDGlobal 2011 will be a celebration of life, in all its forms.
TEDxDirigo will hosting a FREE viewing party for TEDGlobal at Frontier Cafe on July 14th from 2:00pm to 9:00pm.

TED 2011 Live Streaming Event

When March 2, 2011
Where The Via Group
Portland, Maine
Attendance ~100
Speakers 16 (via livestream)
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A mix of TEDxDirigo friends old and new got together one rainy afternoon at the end of the winter to watch a livestream of TED2011: The Rediscovery of Wonder. The event fostered some good conversation and comraderie. There was also more than enough pizza to go around. We’re looking forward to other opportunities to share such huge TED experiences with Maine.

When October 10, 2010
Where Frontier Cafe
Brunswick, Maine
Attendance 85
Speakers 13
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TEDxDirigo: Frontier
In the same spirit of the state motto, our inaugural event lead the way with ideas worth spreading from Maine’s brightest innovators and change-makers. Our theme, Frontier, payed homage to Maine’s continued legacy of being a boundary between what man previously thought he knew about himself and discovering what being human truly means in the midst of glorious wilderness.