TEDxDirigo partners share our mission of spreading Maine ideas that might change the world, join our community of thought leaders, and benefit from an individually tailored sponsorship.
We are able to offer a world-class event worth much more than its ticket price because of our partners, and we are deeply grateful for their support. To discuss opportunities or for more information contact

Inspiration Members

Our Team

Curatorial Team

Adam Burk – Curator + Director

Janice O’Rourke – Executive Producer

Michael ” Gil” Gilroy – Operations Director

Team Maverick

Michael Toderico – Creative Director

Ashleigh Burskey – Graphic Designer

Rob Gould – Communications Director

Samantha Stern – Communications Strategist

Jen Boggs – Media Relations

Bryan Wiggins – Copywriter

Michael Eric Berube – Photographer

Nathan Eldridge – Visual Storyteller

Team Misfit

Sally Newhall – Event and A/V Manager

Brent Danley – Presentation and Technical Coordinator

Heather Hudson – Curation and Production Coordinator

Lila Hunt – Special Projects Assistant

Rachel Lotstein – Speaker Coordinator

Rachel Henry – Speaker Assistant

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